Part guidebook, part choose-your-own-adventure, The Pursuit of Awesome is your one-season guide to awesome life change. After all, an awesome impact can only be made by an awesome person.

You’ll learn:
- How to leverage the power of habit to make massive life changes.
- The source of motivation to push through – and do what you already know you need to do.
- To write your superhero origin story – and why you dearly need one!
- 22 habits of ridiculously awesome people – how to get massively more done in less time, how to pump up your body and your energy levels, and how to level up your learning processes
- A five-step recipe for powerful growth – even through failure!

Can it really be done in one season?
Yes and no – The Pursuit of Awesome lays out a framework for repeatable and sustainable change, leveraged across a sixty-day period. And all it takes to start? One season.

You don’t need cash. You don’t need a reputation. All you need is the will to try.
The only question is this:

When will you start?

Be awesome – now.

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